Nature's Sunshine Activated Charcoal 100C

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Activated Charcoal absorbs toxins in the body and helps relieve symptoms such as flatulence, bloating, fullness and abdominal discomfort

  • Symptomatic relief of non-specific dyspepsia and abdominal discomfort
  • Aids and provides relief to those experiencing symptoms of excess flatulence
  • To help absorb unwanted gas and toxins in the lower intestinal tract
  • Provides relief from the symptoms of overeating and drinking
  • Charcoal provides relief from the discomfort caused by excess gas in the gastrointestinal tract 


Charcoal (Activated) powder 260mg


Adults : Take 1-2 capsules at least 30 minutes before meals up to three times per day


Take 2 hours away from prescriptive medicines and complementary medicines – vitamins, minerals and herbal preparations.
Not recommended for use during pregnancy.
May cause darkening of stool.
Always read the label if symptoms persist contact your health care practitioner.
Activated charcoal may interact with other medicines and may affect the absorption of medications and nutrients.
Activated charcoal is not recommended for long-term use.