Newsletter July 2020

Newsletter July 2020

Welcome to the first edition of the Now Healthy newsletter!

Thank you from the team at Now Healthy,

During the yearlong gap before we started Now Healthy, we were missing our busy life and being with wonderful people. We didn’t have any clue about what the next step for us was.

It was scary at first but then having been running businesses all our life we had to follow our passion. That’s when a friend from another health shop sparked an interest in what would become Now Healthy. In every business we run, we thoroughly enjoy creating a happy shopping experience for our customers.

When we first started Now Healthy we were all alone, but the universe quickly put us on the right path to meet likeminded people that would eventually make up our excellent team comprising of 10 alternative healers, each an expert in their own modality.

Our Mission is to create an environment where every customer is respected regardless of which part of the world or background they come from.

We Love to listen and talk to you as this helps us exchange knowledge and life experiences. We want you to approach us without hesitation for expert help and support.

I understand our mission is totally against the retail norms, but guess what? We are enjoying this journey and we are glad to see our family grow day by day!

Now with this unexpected pandemic we have noticed there has been changes in all our lives. We are all living in this uncertain time and we need to support each other to move forward with confidence. That is when we thought a newsletter with valuable information from our team will help us to support you.

Thank you for your continued support, without you small businesses like us will not exist!

Christmas 2019

The Now Healthy Team

Amadeusz Tumalski - Team Member

Amadeusz Tumalski

Hello, I'm Amadeusz, a final year Naturopathy student. I grew up in a family that utilised natural remedies to achieve health and fulfilment in life and the passion for this way of living has stayed with me.  My passion for naturopathy comes from the joy of sharing knowledge and hearing stories of the wonderful healing nature provides to us all.  At Now Healthy, I want every customer who walks through the door to leave feeling that they learnt something worthwhile in regards to their health and wellbeing. I want this knowledge to assist customer’s quality of life so that they may fully embrace their life’s journey. I like to share knowledge in diet, lifestyle, herbal, homeopathic and nutrient supplementation and how each may help in treating and preventing various dis-eases. Please feel free to have a chat with me and I hope to meet you soon!

Catherine Currie - Team Member

Catherine Currie

I have always had a huge interest in the study of biology, herbs and alternative medicine, I’ve worked in the field of natural health in both New Zealand and Australia for over thirty years gaining knowledge through study, attending various product trainings and health seminars. One particular seminar was quite memorable to me giving me the chance to meet Dr Sandra Cabot (The Liver Cleansing Diet), this led me to reading all her wonderful books. I find meeting interesting people from all walks of life and listening to their experiences is one of the rewarding parts of working at Now Healthy, Forest Lake. I hope to see you soon and hear all about your experiences.

Wendy Simpson - ATMS accredited Naturopath

Wendy Simpson

I am a passionate ATMS accredited Naturopath with over 26yrs experience in natural medicine. Specialising in Iridology, nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Homeopathy, as well as dietary and lifestyle advice, which are all included as part of your personal naturopath consultation. Naturopathy is renowned in assisting healthy weight loss, increased energy, improved digestion, hormone balance and stress relief. I hope to meet you soon to assist you on your healing journey.


Janice Tindale – Clairvoyance Shaman

Janice Tindale

Feeling stuck, stressed and battling with chronic illnesses? Uncertain of your life purpose? Need guidance and clarity? Some of our modern day maladies can be healed from within. Our mind and body has the innate ability to heal itself. A shaman can help restore balance, provide clarity and spiritual insight. A shaman by definition is a seer, a multi-dimensional voyager, a upper, middle and lower worlds in search of solutions to improve the lives of members of the community she serves. Although shamanism can be taught but I became one by destiny. Born into a shamanic bloodline traced back to the Darkhard tribes in Mongolia, makes me a natural born healer and reader. Mongolia is thought to be the cradle of shamanism which is believed to have spread to the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Austronesian regions.  In fact, the very term “shaman” has its origins in the Tugun language which means the one who sees.  My calling came to us (my siblings and I) some 30 years ago through a relentless series of revelations. My current practice is the culmination of years of self-discovery and a combination of shamanic traditions practised in eastern religions and cultures ingrained in my family and community.  I share my gift of clairvoyance and knowing through reading tarot and providing spiritual guidance and healing for those in need.  I am also part of an international community of shamans and academicians who study our body of work in both neo and traditional shamanism.


Kathy - Kinesiologist, Naturopath, Shaman’s Apprentice


My name is Kathy and I have been drawn to alternative ways of healing since I was a young child. I was that strange one that talked to trees and imaginary people; and created pretend healing potions that I found in nature.  I have studied different modalities over the last 20 years including Naturopathy, different methods of energy healing, Shiatsu, and Kinesiology. Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses muscle testing to identify imbalances within the body's system including structural, chemical, emotional, or other energy systems.  Often the session will focus on spiritual or emotional blockages that will then help the next process of healing. What kinesiology does is to facilitate information that your body gives so that we can then use tools to aid that natural healing process.  Kinesiology can help your body restore balance, release stress and anxiety, release emotional triggers or reactions, help locate the cause of physical symptoms, improve clarity, enhance self-awareness, assist with life direction, remove old emotional blocks, and much more.  Your body tells me what it needs; I'm just the facilitator.  If you feel that there is something deeper within that needs healing, but you don't quite know where to start, then kinesiology may be one of the tools that work for you


Kellie Burns - Massage Therapist

Kellie Burns

After working in the corporate world for 23 years I finally decided in late 2016 to leave it to pursue a balanced life that allows me to follow my passions. One of these passions is to support others in their journey of health and harmony.  I started my interest and training in massage in 2012 after a personal healing journey.  I searched online and found Discover Massage Australia, where I started with their Whole Body Relaxation Course. It really resonated with me and the went on to complete all of their training modules and then went on to completing the HLT40312 Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice through Discover Massage Australian & NSW School of Massage in 2015. In between this time I have also completed a number of alternate therapies. I have achieved my level two in Reiki and my Advanced Certificate of Integrated Cupping Therapy with Health Traditions. It is my personal desire to support others in caring for themselves. My intention is to provide you with a massage service that leaves you feeling better physically, mentally and emotionally. We all have a lot of stresses and pressures in our lives that can often catch us up. It is important to care for yourself; to balance this out and to give yourself the best life you can. Helping you achieve that would be my blessing.


Mukti Saraswati – Integrated Reflexology & Chakra-puncture Therapist, Yogacharya

Mukti Saraswati

My inspiration in life is the regenerative powers of the body and mind through the practical application of yoga and meditation.  I came to yoga at a young age and spent my life delving into meditation and this means delving into myself. I have written about the traditional aspects of Hatha Yoga and my published book, Hatha Yoga Pradipika the Light on Hatha Yoga is world renowned.

Furthering my journey to awaken the body’s healing capacity, I discovered two techniques, Chakra-puncture and Integrated Reflexology. I offer these to you to assist with your personal healing. Chakra-puncture is particularly useful for settling both emotional and various physical issues through the light application of Japanese needles in specific configurations around the body. Integrated Reflexology is particularly useful for correcting pain in the back and neck as well as for headaches and digestive issues through a particular massage technique to the feet, back, collar bones, hands, ears and head. Through these processes you may feel more centred, energised and pain free.


Théa-MariaPsychic Medium


Hi! I am Théa-Maria and would like to share with you an important part of my spiritual and healing persona. My life journey hasn’t been easy, but from early teens I knew my life goal was to become a doctor or nurse to heal and help people. Little did I know then as life threw at me a few hard curved balls crushing that dream and losing my father at 15 years of age. Consequently as a first born, I became head of the family to help my mother and younger brother and medicine/nursing studies were not an option.  I finished high school and graduated as an office clerk. Following my intuition at 26 years old, I decided to migrate and make Australia home. My life here was very challenging and I was still seeking for that piece of the puzzle missing that would make my life whole.  At 40 that void in my soul was fulfilled when I connected with my Psychic spiritual & healing abilities.  A gift from birth. Now, doing what I love best, no as a doctor but as a Psychic Medium and Reiki healer.   My Psychic readings come through to me with information from a Higher Source, Spirit Guides, Angels or messages from loved ones.  My ultimate reward is to be of help to everyone with an open mind and heart.  My mediumship is genuine, sincere and simple. The information you’ll receive is all about what you need, even if it doesn’t make sense or doubt it at the time.  I pass the messages and you would have to be willing to decide or use it to make changes in your life. My readings & healing sessions are confidential and they come from a place of Peace, Trust, Hope and unconditional Love.


Andrew Date - Life & Performance Coach

Andrew Date

People often ask me, what is coaching? Well coaching is all about “Change” or “Making Changes”. Coaches have described as being a “Catalyst of change” or “Magicians of change” who will see the cards you have been dealt, help you to play that hand better or in some instances change the rules of that game to play a different game that you prefer. Coaching is a partnering relationship that uses a creative thought provoking process to inspire you to maximise your personal or professional potential! My Mission is to create an authentic thought provoking environment that inspires my coaching clients to maximise their personal or professional potential. What will you get from coaching? You’ll get ➤A feeling of 'Certainty' and 'Consistency' ➤Able to create 'Variety in your life' ➤Have a 'Sense of Identity' and 'Significance' ➤Avoid stagnation and develop a 'Personal Growth' program ➤Make a difference and get 'more out of life’. I’m looking forward in seeing what you can achieve!