Australian Health Newsletter, Monthly Advice/Information January 2021

Kinesiology -

Australian Health Newsletter, Monthly Advice/Information January 2021

What is Kinesiology and how can it help?

Kinesiology is a holistic, non-invasive therapy that uses muscle feedback and body awareness to identify imbalances within the body. It helps you to access the inner knowing and find again the power of choice in your life. This allows you to take charge of the way you relate to the past, your present circumstances, and the future. Your body is already aware of what it needs to do to heal. The trick is to get it to talk, and that’s where kinesiology comes in.

So what kinesiology is able to do is to facilitate that information in order to aid that natural healing process. The balance can encompass physical, emotional, nutritional, meridian and organ areas, spiritual, neurolinguistic, and much more. When I do kinesiology balances, it often delves into the more spiritual perspective, so often that means utilising other training such as naturopathy, plant medicine, flower essences, energy healing, and shamanic healing. These balances can help you to understand what your needs are at this stage in your life, and then we find ways to move forward. You can gently delve deeper into spaces where blockages are held, whether conscious or subconscious, and then help to shift these so that you can then create that space for healing, positive intention, and new tools to help you move forward on the next part of your healing journey


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