Australian Health Newsletter, Monthly Advice/Information September 2020

Australian Health Newsletter, Monthly Advice/Information September 2020

Living in the Moment

Life will always throw us a few curve balls throughout our lifetime. In these strange pandemic times being resilient to those challenges are even harder particularly when we rely on family and friends for support. Everyone has their own problems, family to deal with and their own worries thus the old network of support from friends which one would typically rely on was not available. 

The Buddhist’s way of dealing with challenges is probably the most effective. It has to do with living in the moment. The famous dictum — don’t worry about the past for it is gone, don’t worry about tomorrow for it has not come.

Living in the present, seizing the moment to deal with what is in front of you is probably the best and all we can do.  That means concentrating our energy on solving the present situation. Example, shutting down schools pulling our resources to man the hospitals and putting everything else on hold. We can always rebuild our economies but we can’t bring back the dead.

At the beginning of the COVID restrictions someone asked If I could see how it will all pan out. I said it is in our human DNA to want to fight and preserve our existence. And that I had every confidence in the Australian health system to overcome it.  

Coming back to applying those principals to COVID, as demonstrated the state of Queensland has done remarkably well. We can certainly be proud that Queenslanders were compliant following the advice of the experts, dealing with the situations that is in front of us, one day at a time.

Looking back, we ought to pat ourselves on our back for doing so well in fighting the pandemic and count our blessings that the Corona Virus has taught humanity a great lesson in respecting nature and environment, consume less and how to live more sustainably in this planet.

Janice Tindale, Clairvoyance Shaman