Australian Health Newsletter, Monthly Advice/Information October 2020

Australian Health Newsletter, Monthly Advice/Information October 2020

A Partnership to Inspire Potential

Here is an exercise that has been helpful in my life and hope it brings you value in exploring your ideal fulfilled life plus help increase resilience during these current life events. It’s an exercise that explores 5 core elements of yourself P. Positive Emotions E. Engagement R. Relationship M. Meaning A. Accomplishments. I’ve put my own twist on it and invite you to play and explore with me these 5 core elements of the model and see how you can apply them into your own everyday life.
The first core element is,
Positive Emotions – This is, ‘in a nut shell’ about the ability to remain optimistic in life as well as view your past, present and future in a constructive perspective. So how do we apply this is everyday life?
Here is one way that you can implement positive emotions easily into your life right now and it cost ZERO $$, it’s ‘Gratitude’.
Here is a quick exercise you can try and I would love to hear how it works for you. Have a pen and paper handy to reflect on the following questions.
  1. Remember 3 people that have profoundly influenced you in your life in a positive way...
  2. Describe them and how they contributed to your life.
     3. Let us increase this sensation and ask yourself how did they inspire you to do more. Recall those feelings, what where the stories they shared?
  1. Invite that sensation into your body.
  2. What could be the outcome if you felt this emotion on a regular basis?

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Andrew Date, Spiritus Coaching

Unexpected changes, challenging times and uncertain futures are often met with increased physical, mental and emotional stress and a higher demand for nutrients. While our stress response is built to
endure such times, without proper nourishment, the body can become damaged leading to poor absorption of nutrients and a weakened immune system.
If you are feeling the effects from these unprecedented times, it’s important to support your mind and body with the right nutrients through a variety of wholefoods and in some cases supplementation to build greater resilience.
There are many nutrients that play a crucial role in our stress response and immunity. Some include:
  • Vitamin C. A key player with high concentrations found in our adrenal glands. Good sources include native limes, capsicum, parsley, lemon and kiwifruit.
  • Zinc. For good immune function and gut health. Good sources include oysters, sundried tomatoes, red meat and pumpkin seeds.
  • Vitamin D. A major player which I find many are deficient in. Good sources include mushrooms, eggs, salmon and sunshine.
  • Probiotics. The bacteria in our gut make up most of our immune system. A good strain probiotic, fermented foods and prebiotics (food for bacteria such as apples, artichoke and oats) are great ways to build your microbiome.

Reducing inflammatory foods is also important. A high sugar intake can reduce vitamin C levels, feed bad bacteria, increase inflammation and weaken the immune system.
Nourishing the body right leads to happy microbiome, improved absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins which ultimately builds greater resilience in tough times. When choosing supplements, I recommend seeking advice from a qualified health practitioner.
Be kind to yourself and remember to breathe.

Samantha Barnett, Clinical Nutritionist